Measuring and Improving Team Health

Why team health matters and practical ways you can measure and improve it

Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar on Unsplash

Why does team health matter?

What is team health?

Like humans, teams are living organisms.

How to measure team health?

Health Check 1.0 — Spotify’s approach

Definitions for red, yellow or green
Squad health check results

Health Check 2.0—Adding Breakouts for Improvement Brainstorms

Breakout groups brainstorming ways to improve as a team.
Groups presenting their ideas back to the team for how to improve in each area.

Health Check 3.0 — Going Virtual + Structured Brainstorm for Improving

Using Miro to run a team health check virtually.
Running a virtual LDJ at the start of the pandemic with a team from all corners of the world.
Virtual Miro User Group event

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